You like to type?

When I was young, I played junior olympic softball. My dad brought his 35 mm camera to every tournament. After every weekend in the grueling heat, I anxiously waited to see what my dad saw, through his photos. He would give me the prints and an album, and I would carefully tell the story of my team through each photo’s placement. I’d sit on the floor of my room with photos sprawled out (in an organized fashion, of course) with one knee folded under while my torso leaned over my right knee, foot planted. 

As I sit here, one foot tucked under while I lean on my right knee and type, I remember why I started taking photos. I remember why I would choose to create an entire screenplay for a project rather than just write a paper. Being creative, telling stories, imagining and creating images, and conveying something that I feel to the very core of me is how I connect with the world. With people. 

Now, you might find me:

  • drinking a massive chai tea latte somewhere
  • reading cross-legged on the floors of bookstores
  • dancing on a professional dance team 
  • stirring chocolate milk to perfection
  • planning the coolest dates of all time
  • finding the ultimate secret places in the city
  • doing nice things for nice people

I love to love. I was born to love.

Barring all of the cool accomplishments you can do for yourself, loving is the most rewarding thing you can do.