You like to type?

When I was young, I played junior olympic softball. My dad brought his 35mm camera to every tournament. After every weekend in the grueling heat, I anxiously waited to see what he witnessed. Prints and an album in hand, I would carefully curate the weekend's story. I’d sit on the floor of my room with one knee folded under while my torso leaned over my right knee, foot planted. 

As I sit here, one foot tucked under while I lean on my right knee and type, I remember why I started taking photos. I remember why I would choose to create an entire screenplay for a project rather than just write a paper. Being creative, telling stories, making things real, and conveying something that I feel to the very core of me is how I connect with the world. 

Whenever I'm not taking photos, you might find me:

  • spending all of my money on magazines 
  • reading cross-legged on the floors of bookstores
  • dancing on a professional hip hop team
  • finding the ultimate secret places wherever I go
  • doing nice things for nice people